Creating Your Significant Learning Environment

I will be honest I read the book and had no idea where to even start. This was a very hard to understand or maybe for lack of a better word it was hard to grasp the entire concept. I went back through is again trying to glean the ideas in this new culture of learning. I can understand the examples given but instituting them in my classroom seems to be a whole other deal.

In the beginning of the book it expresses the idea of online collaboration with app building and by giving students an open forum to create show surprising results. In the first chapter it said “the relentless pace of change that is responsible for our disequilibrium is also our greatest hope” which I believe sums the entire book up. The disequilibrium couldn’t be a better word to describe this book and how I felt after reading it. I think the challenge I face is the fact that my students can be 18 to 55+ years of age. So the 18 year olds have no problem with technology or collaboration and basically anyone that is over 30 is use to the traditional classroom and the older they get they actually reject technology more and more.

The big question was how to cultivate the imagination. This is the big challenge for me. I have to figure out how to create on open environment for learning when I have to give the students the knowledge to take a certification exam after graduating from my program that certifies them to work in our profession.

The book discusses making the classroom an open environment with boundaries to give the students not only limits but the boundaries can also act as a catalyst for changing a students or teachers thinking in a new way.

By introducing flip-pair-share into my classroom I will be using the peer to peer collaboration that Eric Mazur has written, spoke, and taught in his class that will bring this new culture of learning into the classroom. So to answer the question, this is how I will bring this new culture of learning into the classroom. I am going to introduce this into the classroom one course at a time. This of course is the first step, I hope that I will be able to duplicate in the future.

Below is a brief outline of how the implementation will take place:

First I will have to evaluate the current blooms taxonomy level questions. I will make changes by adding mini lectures used during class and will be add higher taxonomy level questions for the students to collaborate on during class. I will consider what questions will be changed or added to the weekly and end of the year comprehensive final to raise the level of application the student uses to answer as well.

Secondly I will design and implement new strategies for utilizing technology into the classroom. After getting the material in the first step prepared we will load the Poll Everywhere software onto the class computer and make sure it links up to the mini lectures and that it can accept data from cell phones for answering questions. This will allow students to see any improvements in their collaborative efforts.

Third I will use the flip-pair-share method during the last 12 weeks of the spring semester that are used for review will be when the teaching method will be piloted.

Fourthly I will gather feedback and make adjustments by using the students weekly test scores will be averaged and compared to previous year, using the end of the year comprehensive exam comparing to previous years score, and tracking the ASCP BOR exam score and subscores will be compared to the previous years. The comparison of scores will be used to determine if the Flip-Pair-Share method is valid for continued use in the program.

If this change can raise my ASCP BOR exam scores I think that it can bring about change for the other programs. We are constantly looking for ways to improve from each other. In our organization outcomes are the best way to change the way the other instructors will start to look holistically at the way they are teaching. So I have to implement and get the outcomes in order to make major change take place in our college.

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