Understanding by Design

Stage 1 Identify Desired Results

Established Goals

Learners will take the foundational knowledge and apply it in a practical setting to solve problems that can/will arise in the laboratory.

Learners will analyze scenarios from their clinical rotations and determine which areas of problem solving would impact learning the most and solve them with the best answer.

Learners will learn to evaluate where they are in the review based on others performance and learn that the time it takes to read and study at home ahead of class in crucial to their success.


What essential questions will be considered?                 

  • Do I remember enough from the first semester to apply to problem solving?
  • How much reading will I have to go back and do?
  • Was I able to apply what I learned in class to the situations in the lab?
  • Has my problem solving ability improved from the first semester?
  • How much harder will I need to study to reach the point I need to me for the BOR Exam?
  • Where am I in relation to the other student’s knowledge?

What understandings are desired?

  • The histology curriculum studied in the first semester will be used to prepare for the BOR Exam.
  • They will use the experiences the had in the laboratory and the information study will be used

to solve problems that can arise.

What key knowledge and skills will students acquire as a result of this unit?

Students will know…

  • The uses of, procedures, troubleshooting, maintenance, uses, parameters, safety, instruments, the parts and purpose of each in each of the following categories:
  1. Fixation,
  2. Processing,
  3. Microtomy,
  4. Staining, and
  5. Laboratory Operations.

Students will be able to…

  • Analyze results for correctness or problems.
  • Plan any situation that a need can arise for in the lab.
  • Develop a solution to problems in the histology laboratory.


Stage 2 – Determine Acceptable Evidence

Evaluative Criteria         

Performance task(s):

  • When presented with a problem their mind will automatically go to a problem solving mode.
  • Students can function on their own in the laboratory.
  • The student will score in the upper 20% of BOR Exam scores for their cycle.

Other Evidence:

  • Classroom Collaboration- show an increase in speed at which correct solutions are reached within peer groups
  • Weekly online exams- show a continuous climb in scores
  • End of the Year Comprehensive Final- scores in the 90th percentile

Student Self-Assessment and Reflection:

  • Self-assess by recognizing problems they have experienced in the lab and how they went about troubleshooting and solving it.
  • Self-assess how much studying they will have to put in to reach the level they need in order to pass the BOR Exam in the 90th percentile.

Stage 3 – Plan Learning Experiences

Summary of Key Learning Events and Instruction (WHERE TO)

  1. A brief overview of the BOR Exam and what to expect and a 12-week calendar listing each weeks subject(s). W

12 week subjects

a. Fixation

b. Microtomy/Embedding

c. Processing/Decalcification

d. Lab Operations

e. Carbohydrate staining

f. Muscle and Connective Tissue staining

g. Microorganism staining

h. Nerve staining

i. Pigments, Minerals, Cytoplasmic Granule staining

j. Immunoperoxidase staining

k. Cytology staining

2. End of year comprehensive final

3. Students will be given a reading assignment before class. Objectives, Outlines,

Power Points will be made available. E

4. Give an example of a situation from the lab and how they can solve it and then show a

test question that directly comes from that problem and solution. H

5. Present mini lectures over key concepts in the chapter that have problem solving

scenarios using Poll everywhere software to see how they would answer. R

6. Break into collaborative groups of 3 to work through peer instruction. E2, T

7. Each week take exams to review how they have done and are progressing. E2

8. At the end of the 12 weeks students will take a comprehensive final. E2

9. After graduation students will take BOR exam to become certified. E2

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