Forget about the Who, Where, and When, its all about the Why, How, and What

Baptist Health School Little Rock School of Histotechnology

 Why- We believe the education of individuals is the chance to give them a better life.

How- Creating an environment that a student can learn without the confines of a  traditional classroom.

What- We give people the opportunity to take their life in a positive direction, by offering a quality education.

Establishing a Sense of Urgency

We need to realize that students are coming to our college to make something better for themselves and their family. We also need to realize that the students have changed, they need more than the traditional classroom to be successful in the workforce that is more and more technology driven each day. We have seen retention and passage rates struggle each year, I believe this will become a greater area of concern if we do not escape the traditional classroom and integrate technology. The change in the classroom will help students prepare for real world environments, bring excitement to the classroom, and give students access to up to the minute information. The chance for students to have a career and make a better living for themselves, will give the students a whole new outlook on life, and their self-esteem will improve. This change needs to take place now because the longer things go unchanged the more students will go without the chance for improvement in their lives.

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