Designing the Perfect Course (not really)

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This course is designed so students will complete this course before the review course at the end of the school year. The last 12 weeks of the school year the students review the material they have learned for the past year. This is preparation for their Registry Exam that they take to become certified histology technicians. Evidence that the course has had an impact on the student’s ability to problem solving will first be seen in the 12-week review course in higher weekly test grades, and better student participation. Ultimately the best evidence would be higher passage scores, and improved passage rate on the Registry Exam.

The results I desire for my students is a better understanding of problem solving. I would like to see them develop the skills to spot a problem and work through it in a short period of time. The students should be able to identify the problem, understand why things happened the way they did, and be able to figure out a solution.

The student will hopefully develop an understanding of how important problem solving is to their chosen profession and how they will use it each day in the laboratory. They will see how problem solving can apply to every problem they have in the lab.

This course will utilize practice pages for the students to do. Discussion assignments will allow the students to share their understandings and receive feedback from their peers. At the end of the course students will take a test that consist of general knowledge and then will have a part that will test the student’s ability to apply the steps they have learned to specific problems.

What learning experiences and instruction are needed for learning to occur?

The student will need a good foundation of knowledge that was built during the first semester. They will apply this knowledge with the steps for problem solving that I will give them during this course. Lastly they will have to use the first two with the practical application of clinicals to fully achieve the skills of problem solving.

The practice pages and discussion assignment will help to equip the students with the skills they need. Students will be encouraged to work together to learn from each. I will still be there to coach them if needed. The best practice the students will receive is going to be in the clinical laboratory where they can apply what they have learned to real life situations.

I would like to say that it is coherent because it is well organized and will facilitate learning, but it doesn’t cross grade levels or at least it doesn’t apply in my case. I guess I would lean toward effective design.

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