Professional Learning Strategy for Making and Posting a Video Online

 I knew that I would need to make an outline for this Professional Learning Strategy if I was going to make it through this process.

So each meeting of the professional learning will take place once a week for four months. The first set of meetings will be the instructor and 5 instructors that teach online/hybrid courses. Each of the 6 in the first group will pair into smaller groups to assist each other in between meetings. Then each of the six in the first set of meetings will meet with 2 instructors each and go through the same meetings.

Month 1: Creating the video part 1

  1. Outline (Week 1 and 2)
  2. Script (Week 3 and 4)

Month 2: Creating the video part 2

  1. Storyboard (Week 1and 2)
  2. Filming (Week 3 and 4)
  3. Editing (Week 3 and 4)

Month 3: Publishing your YouTube video week 1 and 2

  1. Create a Google email (Week 1)
  2. Create the YouTube channel (Week 1)
    1. Publishing the video Make corrections (Week 1 & 2)
    2. Answer questions (Week 2)
    3. Clear up confusion or problems (Week 2)

Month 3: How to use your YouTube video in class (Week 3 & 4)

  1. Power Points (Week 3)
  2. Introductions (Week 3)
  3. Guest spot interviews (Week 3)
  4. Announcements (Week 3)
  5. Student feedback (Week 3)
  6. Skills lab examples (Week 3)
  7. Final Review (Week 4)

The whole design is made to foster collaboration between the employees. I will lead out in each component in the first set of meetings. When the next set of instructors start then the original 5 will lead out. And then the next level the educators that finish will lead out. The pattern will look like this as the 5 original plus instructor, then those 6 will teach 2 each, those 18 will partner with 2 each. Each session taking 3 month, so the whole faculty will be complete with training in 9 months, but each person will have their small groups to rely on for future questions or collaborating in newly found ideas. The resources needed for this PL are the computer lab, handouts, Power Points, and videos.


Now that the outline was done I could begin working on the PL Strategy that needed to include the five essential elements of successful professional learning. Past professional learning experiences has provided me with the only continuing education I have ever known, until now. This course has shown that the usual sit and go professional learning is not effective for today’s educators. This plan will change professional learning by utilizing smaller numbers of learners at a time and a longer time spent on mentoring the learners.


To make a more effective PL, this plan uses small groups meeting weekly over a 3-month period to learn and practice the new skills presented in the professional learning.

Implementation Support

Support will be given through the design of the professional learning. The PL is designed for learners to support other learners through the process. The PL starts with a small group of 5 plus myself. Then the six will train 2 each through the same 3-month process. Then those new 12 with the original 6 will train 2 more each. This same process will continue until all staff is trained. The software and computer lab being used during the PL is supported by the colleges 2 IT employees and the hospitals 100+ IT staff.

Engaged Learning

The PL takes place in a computer lab and each learner will have their own terminal to work with while in the initial meetings weekly. Then each learner has their own computer in their office that they can use during the times that the learners are not in the educational meetings. This will allow access to the video recording software and practicing with it at any time. Each group is encouraged to communicate at least 2 more times a week to discuss any problems or questions that may arise during each step of the PL.


During the computer lab sessions, I will use a Power Point that has video made with the software that I have recorded to show the learners how to do make videos with the same software. The learners will be required to use what they have learned and implement it into a course before that end of the training. Their team members will be encouraged to attend class to observe and offer feedback of use of new media.

Specific Content

The aim is to give the educators the ability to create a more interesting class environment by adding new dimensions to keep the students attention. Also to reinvigorate and encourage the educator to try new things and push the boundaries of the classroom to give students a better learning experience. The educators will hopefully take ownership of their course as well.

Now that we have the five essential elements of our professional learning we will define our PL even further with a Big Hairy Audacious Goal and Fink’s table to show our learning Goals, Learning Activities, and Assessment Activities.


Educators will want to step out of their comfort zone of the old lecture, and create lectures with video that will make them better educators, and in turn will excite students about coming to class.

Learning Goals Learning Activities Assessment Activities

Learners will gain new experience in technology that will enhance their classroom experience for their students.

Learners will learn the beginning basics of video making. Classroom/Computer lab assignments

Learners will create a video to use in class during their course.

Small groups Self-reflection on current course.
Integration 1: Month 1

Week 1 & 2

Week 1 Learners will be assigned to create an outline for their videos.


Week 2 Learners will review their outlines



Learners will consider what they want the video to say


Review small groups outlines




Start creating outline



Correcting any problems or adding any missing subject matter

Integration 2: Month 1

Week 3 & 4

Week 3 Learners will be assigned to create a script for their video


Week 4 Learners review scripts



Learners will consider the script for their video


Review small groups scripts



Start creating the script



Correct any problems or add any missing lesson material

Integration 4: Month 2

Week 1 & 2

Week 1 Learners will create a storyboard for their video


Week 2 Learners will continue to work on storyboard



Learners will consider the storyboard for video


Continue learning the way to create a storyboard



Start creating storyboard


Finish storyboard

Integration 3: Month 2

Week 3 & 4

Week 3 Learners will learn steps to make a video for their class


Week 4 Learners will continue to develop their video making experience



Learners will consider all of the steps for making a good video

Learners will work with video and editing  the video



Start making a video



Finish video and editing of video

Integration 4: Month 3

Week 1 & 2

Week 1 Learners will dive into publishing their video online


Week 2 Learners will continue to learn the ways to make a better online video



Learners will learn the steps to become a YouTuber


Learners will clear up any confusion or problems with online video



Publish Video on YouTube



Finish the publication process for the video

Integration 5: Month 3

Week 3 & 4

Week 3 Learner will explore the uses of videos in the class and clinicals


Week 4 Learners will critique fellow group members videos



Learners will go through the steps of using the video in various ways


Learners will review videos to look for any problems or areas of confusion

Computer lab assignment of entering videos in other uses


Watching videos

Human Dimension and Caring

Learners will increase their understanding of how adding to or changing a normal lecture by adding video can enhance the students experience in class on how the learn


Learners will have small group members to discuss and learn from and share student reactions from changes in the classroom

Monthly faculty meetings
Learning How To Learn

Learners will discover that they can introduce new technology into the classroom with minimal trouble

Learners will continue to add to their classroom experience with video Monthly faculty meeting



Date Event Activity Location Resource
May 1, 2017 Month 1 Week 1 Meeting Choosing what to video and Outlining video Classroom Handout/Power Point
May 8, 2017 Month 1 Week 2 Meeting Outlining video Classroom Handout/Power Point
May 15, 2017 Month 1 Week 3 Meeting Learning how to scripting Classroom Handout
May 22, 2017 Month 1 Week 4 Meeting Scripting the video Classroom Handout
June 5, 2017 Month 2 Week 1 Meeting Learning what a storyboard is Classroom Handout
June 13, 2017 Month 2 Week 2 Meeting Finishing storyboard Classroom Handout
June 19, 2017 Month 2 Week 3 Meeting Filming video Computer lab Individual Computer
June 26, 2017 Month 2 Week 4 Meeting Editing video Computer Lab Individual Computer
July 3, 2017 Month 3 Week 1 Meeting Creating google and YouTube account Computer Lab Individual Computer
July 10, 2017 Month 3 Week 2 Meeting Publishing the video clearing up problems Computer Lab Individual Computer
July 17, 2017 Month 3 Week 3 Meeting Explore inserting video into other programs to use in class Computer Lab Individual Computer
July 24, 2017 Month 3 Week 4 Meeting Final critique and review before using in class Computer Lab Individual Computer


From the time line you can see that the first 6 sessions will meet in the classroom with handouts/Power Points. The remaining 6 will be in the computer lab where everyone will be able to work on their video. I will walk them through step by step on the computer how to create the video. They can also help each other at that time or later in their offices with questions they may have. They will be encouraged to complete certain stages of the video before the next week’s session.

This next portion has the handout contents for the sessions.

Outline or Bulleting Handout


  • Lighting
  • Background
  • Sound
  • Subject- Welcome to the Online Histology Program
  • Program/software ready to use
  • Props or things to include
  • Is it live or an animated video
  • Subjects to cover in video
    • Handbook location
    • Getting online will Moodle
    • Check email daily
    • Forward to other email

Scripting Handout

Scripting the Video

Hook them in

Cold open

First thing they see and hear

Tells them what this video will do for them

Keep is short (10 seconds)


Introduce yourself

Expand your hook

Entice viewers to watch until the end

Problem/skill to learn

Identify what they are facing

Solution/use of skill

Keep is simple

Be yourself

Do not use unnecessary jargon


One sentence main take home

Call to action

Invite further action from them

Encourage/assign further engagement

Storyboard Handout



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