Journal Entry Week 3 EDLD 5316

Copyright is something that I deal with daily. Working at the college level I am constantly searching for images to use for my students to study with and to test by. I have written to authors and publishers requesting use of images from textbooks for testing my students. Most have responded in kind by giving permission if they could.

I never thought about some of the rules that govern copyright, I knew them but not really that well. I never thought of breaking copyright on myself. If I take something from a previous writing of mine, then that would plagiarism and breaking copyright against myself. Not so sure I would sue myself.

In the videos this week, one of them stated that the copyright laws were old and too broad in scope. When they were put into practice the thought of an internet was not a possibility much less an idea. The Hudson Paper spoke well to the reasons why the Library of Congress and the Copyright office should be separated. There have been so many advancements in technology, inventions, and ideas for inventions since 1790 that the two offices bog down and slow the process for both. The establishment of these offices and the law behind them gave power to the authors, before the publishers had all the power and control of literary works. This new-found power gave the authors the drive to create new literary works.

All in all this seek has been pretty interesting subject but has a lot of content for one week.

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