Trying to figure out Cyber Safety EDLD 5316 Week 4 Journal Entry

Looking back on this week, I never thought about cyber-bullying as much as I have this week. Now, after the videos and material I have seen there are several things I never thought about before. How do we stop cyber-bullying? Can federal law be passed that will affect all the nation? Then comes the burden of proof. When is private, private? Is anything ever published online considered private? These questions point out the fact that we are really behind the internet and social media when it comes to proper etiquette and more important cyber safety.

At first glance it seems like an insurmountable number of things that would need to be addressed. Where would you start? I think that legislation should be passed to limit what social medias sites can share and have a better screening process with age. Social media sites, if held liable or had to share some financial burden would do a better job policing their sites. In this day and age of computer apps and software programmers we can surely develop the code that can scan hateful comments. What if the social media sites imposed penalties for cyber-bullying by imposing time out so to speak. My sons play on a game on Xbox One that you can report other players for saying bad things or possibly using cheats. If they feel you are at fault they block you from playing online for a period of time. If a video game can do this then why not a social media site or app?

One of the hardest thing to do is to provide burden of proof. Whose fault, is it? Who started it? Who’s to blame? The video we watched this week ( about the mother who stood by and let her child create a false profile to lure a young girl in and torment her online, is the mother responsible? In my opinion the parents should be held responsible as well as the children involved. Parents need to be involved with every aspect of their children online. They should be the first to educate them on the safety and responsibility of owning an online presence. Second the schools should help to educate, I feel that schools have allowed phones into the classroom too quickly. We compensate by saying they are here to stay so let’s use them for educational purposes to justify their presence. It was just a couple of years ago that my son was in junior high and if he was caught with his cell phone it would be taken away and given back to him at the end of day. Now they can have them in class to use and if they finish their class work they can play on their phones. Too much access if you ask me.

Privacy is the perhaps the biggest concern for everyone involved. Is everything you post on your personal social sites your own personal property? Even when you have a personal social page you elect to post pictures or status updates, so if that still private or now its public knowledge? Defining what is private online is very difficult. Is anything posted on a site or app considered public because even if private it has the avenue to be made public.

I said this in the beginning of this journal post, it seems insurmountable when it comes to what has to be done in the name of cyber safety.

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