Difficulty implementing COVA within the histology program

When this journey started I had no idea what was about to happen. I thought that this would have more technical type assignments, little did I know that I was going to learn a completely new approach to learning. I will be honest after a few courses in I felt I was over my had. If I realized how much decisions in the first few courses would affect me all the way through the program I would have made different choices. I was 5 courses in and I was looking for a way out. I had some pretty good conversations with Dr. H. I couldn’t transfer all the courses, so I would lose a lot of money to move. Dr. H. said that it wasn’t fair because of it doesn’t work well for my situation and that should have been caught before 5 courses in. I had to make the choice to go forward and fight through. It has not been easy to say the least. I worry about this course and the work to do with what I have chosen. I like to premise behind COVA, I just with I had a better idea what it was before I dove into the subject of my choosing that I would develop throughout this degree program.

It was in-between my fifth and sixth course that I got a better understanding of what was going on and that I could choose a different educational plan.  I was not ready for this. I had grown up in the traditional classroom and had taught a traditional classroom for 14 years. The program I teach is governed by an accrediting body that lays out exactly what is to be taught each year. It is because of the accrediting bodies I work under which made choosing my own project so difficult. I first chose something that I later found out as we went through the courses was something I could not just implement because the restrictions on how I do things with my courses. I had to change in the middle of this program which proved difficult because what I developed in the first 5 or 6 courses did not match the new choice of project. This difficulty has followed me for the last 6 courses or so and I am not sure how I am going to bring this together for this capstone class. So, if you ask what challenges I face, the first is figuring out how I can bring all this together.

Originally, I chose a BHAG that was an outcome based goal. Theoretically it had some technology in it but really relied on a test outcome. I had to go back to the chalkboard to develop a better goal. I decided that by giving the students ownership of their classroom utilizing the think, pair, share method.

Develop a plan that can foster problem solving by developing the student’s ability to take responsibility for their own learning with peer involvement using the think, pair, share method.

This change in the goal for my learning environment will give the students a better opportunity to take ownership of their education. By developing their problem-solving ability, they student can use this advantage in every area of the histology program.

Implementing the COVA approach will be difficult. The curriculum that I teach is very specific and is governed by a national accrediting body. This creates certain problems with a full implementation of the COVA approach. First, students can control certain aspects of their learning but full control cannot be given. Second, I am not sure how a half use of COVA will work. Third, I am the only teacher and I teach all of the subjects, so at any one time I am teaching 5 subjects at the same time. The time I have to develop the plan into fruition is very limited.


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