Developing a Growth Mindset

Plan for Developing and Implementing a Growth Mindset

Reason for:

Implementing a growth mindset will lead students to a desire to learn the theory’s and problem solving that will present themselves in the Histology lab. The growth mindset will prepare the students to embrace the amount of information they will need to learn for their Board of Registry Exam. The student will be able to develop an ability to learn from criticism and be inspired from the other students as they learn and grow their abilities.

Steps for incorporating a growth mindset

I will start practicing these steps starting now so that when I implement my integrating      technology plan at the end of the year I will see results of a growth mindset.

  1. Practice a growth mindset response for every fixed mindset questionable expression- when a student gives a response that is incorrect I will respond with not yet instead of wrong.
  2. Always be slow to respond when giving student feedback.
  3. When showing the students a skill in clinicals always encourage with growth mindset responses- such as “keep going you’re getting better every time” all students had trouble when starting with these”.
  4. Use each setback as a chance to teach from to encourage or challenge the student to improve even if it just a little each time.

Communicating to students

  1. Use the not yet grade as the students enter into clinicals. Actually use this on their clinical evaluation tool.

Promoting this mindset

  1. Workbook assignments given while in clinicals will be graded with “not yet”.
  2. As mentioned the “not yet” grade will be used on the clinical evaluation tool.
  3. When the students are reviewing for end of year exam and we are using polling software in class will use the “not yet” answer to move students to the peer collaboration of the class.
  4. These will be used weekly.