Integrating Technology Video


Back in 1993 I was getting ready to graduate with an Associates Degree with no idea of what I was going to do from there. I started looking at this little school in Little Rock by the name of Baptist Health Schools. A friend of my was sitting beside me an pointed out this page that had Histology listed as a program. Jump forward 2 years and I have finished the program at Baptist and I am in the field working. In my fist job I was the only registered technician in the lab and the second and third was the same. Little did I know that all this was preparing me for the journey ahead. The fourth job led me to the histology lab at Baptist Health. It was 3 years into this job that I answered a call one day in the lab it was the school asking if someone could come over and help the students because the instructor was having medical issues. I said sure I would love to. Three weeks later I was offered the job at Interim Director. That meant I had to go back to school and finish my Bachelors Degree. It just so happened that my Alma mater had a 2 year program to finish my degree in computers. Well, I finished that degree knowing very little that 4 years from finishing that degree I would be teaching my first online class and within the next 4 years adding 12 more online classes with a 2nd online track for the program that I attended 17 years earlier. Now I have the opportunity to lead this program into a new age of technology use in the classroom as I integrate it into mine as well as educate those around me on ways to expand their horizons in new ways. The video link above introduces the first of many changes I would like to see in my college.