Am I too old to go back to school?


I am a little scared to submit an article for publication

So, as I mentions I am scared about writing an article to submit for publication. Here is the topic and information about the article. I decided on┬áNon-traditional students and how well do they do in traditional classes compared to online classes. I have been teaching post-secondary education for 16 years in a healthcare professions setting. During that time I have had students that range from 18-50+ and it is just as many non-traditional students as traditional. I hope the article will give non-traditional students information about traditional versus online classes that will encourage them, and help them see that there are options to further their education. I know in writing this I will gain confidence in myself to write again for public consumption. I also hope to gain some perspective from the research for this article that will help me understand my non-traditional students better. There are several online resources that I have found that I can glean information from as I search further. Continue reading “I am a little scared to submit an article for publication”

Trying to figure out Cyber Safety EDLD 5316 Week 4 Journal Entry

Looking back on this week, I never thought about cyber-bullying as much as I have this week. Now, after the videos and material I have seen there are several things I never thought about before. How do we stop cyber-bullying? Can federal law be passed that will affect all the nation? Then comes the burden of proof. When is private, private? Is anything ever published online considered private? These questions point out the fact that we are really behind the internet and social media when it comes to proper etiquette and more important cyber safety. Continue reading “Trying to figure out Cyber Safety EDLD 5316 Week 4 Journal Entry”

Journal Entry Week 3 EDLD 5316

Copyright is something that I deal with daily. Working at the college level I am constantly searching for images to use for my students to study with and to test by. I have written to authors and publishers requesting use of images from textbooks for testing my students. Most have responded in kind by giving permission if they could. Continue reading “Journal Entry Week 3 EDLD 5316”