A journey that has taught me so much

Let’s be honest, I looked at Lamar University’s Online Masters Program for Digital Learning and Leading because of the brevity of the program and the cost was very affordable. I thought that a gift had been dropped in my lap. A short program about computers that I could finish in under 2 years, Sign Me Up! I found out very quickly that I was not Kansas any more Toto. I had no idea that the next 18-24 months would rework my educational philosophy to the core.

When I started this journey of developing an innovation plan that I would improve, change, and innovate my classroom and college, I wasn’t sure where to start. I was reading my learning philosophy and just in the past year since writing it I can see how much has changed. Continue reading “A journey that has taught me so much”

Re-Innovating the Classroom

I hope you got the pun of Reinventing the classroom. I have ask myself a lot of questions throughout this process of developing an innovation plan. What in the world am I doing? How can I do that? Probably the most significant question I asked is, How can I create a significant learning environment by utilizing the think, pair, share method into the classroom?

Douglas Thomas author of A New Culture of Learning said:

“Learning is a fundamental easy thing we do from the day we are born until the day we die, and that for most of our lives its natural and its effortless everywhere but school.” Continue reading “Re-Innovating the Classroom”

Difficulty implementing COVA within the histology program

When this journey started I had no idea what was about to happen. I thought that this would have more technical type assignments, little did I know that I was going to learn a completely new approach to learning. I will be honest after a few courses in I felt I was over my had. If I realized how much decisions in the first few courses would affect me all the way through the program I would have made different choices. I was 5 courses in and I was looking for a way out. I had some pretty good conversations with Dr. H. I couldn’t transfer all the courses, so I would lose a lot of money to move. Dr. H. said that it wasn’t fair because of it doesn’t work well for my situation and that should have been caught before 5 courses in. I had to make the choice to go forward and fight through. It has not been easy to say the least. I worry about this course and the work to do with what I have chosen. I like to premise behind COVA, I just with I had a better idea what it was before I dove into the subject of my choosing that I would develop throughout this degree program. Continue reading “Difficulty implementing COVA within the histology program”

I am a little scared to submit an article for publication

So, as I mentions I am scared about writing an article to submit for publication. Here is the topic and information about the article. I decided on Non-traditional students and how well do they do in traditional classes compared to online classes. I have been teaching post-secondary education for 16 years in a healthcare professions setting. During that time I have had students that range from 18-50+ and it is just as many non-traditional students as traditional. I hope the article will give non-traditional students information about traditional versus online classes that will encourage them, and help them see that there are options to further their education. I know in writing this I will gain confidence in myself to write again for public consumption. I also hope to gain some perspective from the research for this article that will help me understand my non-traditional students better. There are several online resources that I have found that I can glean information from as I search further. Continue reading “I am a little scared to submit an article for publication”